Jembi Health Systems Joins Efforts toward the Strengthening of One Health Initiatives and Veterinary Health Information Systems in Africa



Jembi Health Systems Joins Efforts toward the Strengthening of One Health (human, animal and environmental health) Initiatives and Veterinary Health Information Systems in Africa

Jembi Health Systems recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale dell’abruzzo e del Molise[1] (IZSAM) and participated in the International Workshop hosted by IZSAM with its International Partners to strengthen research capacity in veterinary science and One Health initiatives in Africa.

Cape Town, South Africa – March 2017  – In its efforts to support One Health initiatives in Africa, which aim at20170301_091737 expanding interdisciplinary collaborations in health care for humans and animals, Jembi Health Systems recently signed an MoU with IZSAM and participated in an International Workshop in Teramo, Italy on the consolidation of a collaborative network to strengthen research capacity for veterinary sciences and address human health issues linked to animal health. The main objective of One Health is to promote concerted efforts toward the acceleration of biomedical research and enhancement of public health through early findings of possible health threats to human and animal health as well as possible environmental factors and threats. In this regard, the workshop produced a resolution that calls for collaborations in veterinary research and sets a foundational basis for the development of surveillance systems and other innovative technologies that will bolster the reliability of information in animal and human care. In terms of the MoU between IZSAM and Jembi, both organizations aim to work together in the design and development of an innovative health information system to improve the prevention, surveillance and response to human and animal disease outbreaks (zoonosis).  In addition to the workshop and the new partnerships forged, Jembi’s Programs Director, Dr. Alessandro Campione had the opportunity to visit the IZSAM Conference and Training Centre, Italy’s National Animal Registrar and Tracking System Department, and the laboratory for toxic contaminations on animal products research.OiE

[1] World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) Collaborating Centre