With an estimated 25.7 million people living with HIV in Sub-saharan Africa (WHO, 2017) managing and controlling the epidemic is a critical public health issue that has substantial social and economic impact. The UNAIDS target for 90-90-90 by 2020 is an ambitious global treatment target to help end the HIV epidemic. 2017 estimates indicate 81% people with HIV+ people in Eastern and Southern Africa know their status, 66% have access to antiretroviral therapy and 52% of those on treatment are virally suppressed. Better data is required to track and inform progress towards these targets. Jembi is working to improve data collection, data management and data analysis at various levels of health systems.

HIV and Tuberculosis (TB)

Featured Projects

  • OpenMRS Cameroon

    The Ministry of Health in Cameroon has adopted and utilizes electronic health information systems (HIS) to improve both clinical and programmatic data, one of the foundational components for a robust and high quality clinical data ecosystem is the electronic medical record (EMR). As such, the EMR must be continuously reviewed and adapted to meet the real world needs of the users and patients it serves. Jembi provides the technical expertise and development to support the Cameroon Ministry of Health’s EMR vision.

  • Blood Safety Strengthening Programme (BSSP)

    As one of the WHO recognised essential medicines, safe blood is a critical treatment for severe bleeding during pregnancy and childbirth, childhood malaria and trauma. The aim of the Blood Safety Strengthening Programme is to support international efforts to improve accessibility and safety of blood in resource-constrained countries by electronically capturing and managing data about blood donors and donations from the point of donation to point of transfusion.

  • Point of Care System in Mozambique

    Jembi is the official PEPFAR partner responsible for the development and implementation of the POC system across health facilities in Mozambique. POC is an electronic medical record for patients in real time that will capture information on HIV patients in care and treatment.

  • Electronic Patient Tracking System (EPTS)

    Jembi is leading the process of updating, harmonising and centralising the OpenMRS EPTS platform in coordination with FGH and other PEPFAR clinical partners.

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