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Unit 3B, 5A-C,
Tokai on Main, 382 Main Road, Tokai, Cape Town, South Africa


Tel: +27 21 701 0939

Fax: +27 21 701 1979


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Our leadership team has led Jembi from a tight-knit group of friends to a continent-spanning organisation with offices in multiple countries. Throughout our decade of growth, their mission and vision have rallied every team. They’ve kept every cylinder firing, every tank full and the entire convoy headed in the right direction.


Zooming out from individuals and teams to countries and continents. Our eagled-eyed Leadership Team takes point on what our mission means today and in the next inspiring decade.

HQ Team Members

Programs Director

Alessandro Campione

Board Member

Andrew Lofts Gray

Founder and CEO

Chris Seebregts

Board Member

Dayne Lochner Morkel

Director of Corporate Services

Jonnea Smith

Board Member

Deshendran Moodley

Chairman of Board

Stephen John Young Reid

Board Member

Quentin Richardo Williams

Open Team Positions