Jembi Health Systems NPC,  is a nonprofit organisation that works in developing countries in Africa and focuses on the development of eHealth and health information systems (HIS). Jembi leads the way on building local capacity within Africa through innovation and commitment towards strengthening of eHealth. Its head office is in Cape Town, South Africa.

Jembi is driven by a passion for developing health information systems and to strengthen eHealth, with the ultimate goal of providing better care for the people living in low resource countries. Jembi works closely with donors and partners to improve the quality of healthcare.

Jembi Board

Jembi’s board provides the organisation with visionary guidance. The board members are diverse in experience and skill sets in areas such as healthcare, information systems, academic institutions and other areas of public health.

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Jembi Team

Jembi is run by a dynamic and driven team, which drives the objectives and values of the organisation forward in all areas of programmes, projects, administration and innovative thinking.

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Who We Are

Jembi Health Systems NPC is an African nonprofit organisation, which focuses on advancing global health through the development and implementation of innovative health systems… [read more]

What We Do

We provide the technical skills, tools and implementation expertise needed to develop and enhance eHealth and health information systems in low resource settings… [read more]

Where We Work

Jembi Health Systems NPC runs and supports projects in various African countries. The countries include South Africa, Mozambique, Rwanda and Zambia…              [read more]