And that’s a wrap!

Jembi Health Systems NPC is excited to share the “Jembi Story” to the rest of the world; a short video and narrative booklet which can be viewed and downloaded directly from the Jembi website

Cape Town, South Africa – 12 November 2013 – After months of conceptualising, planning, filming and editing , it’s a wrap and Jembi is  proud to share its’ first ever short video and narrative booklet (The Jembi Story) to the rest of the world!

The Jembi Video and Story entitled “Beating the drum”, provides a variety of audiences with a short narrative on who Jembi is as an African Social Enterprise, how Jembi came to be, what Jembi does and where Jembi is headed to – generally, giving Jembi a human face.

Both the short video and story are structured around the regional focus of the organisation and the content is a mix of success stories and information taken from project reports and interviews with key staff. In addition to the above deliverables Jembi is also pleased to release and share its Annual Report 2012-2013.

The Jembi Story Pic

Download Press Release: PDF