BSIS Demo Server

Demonstration Server

bsis-demo-serverJembi is currently hosting a demo instance of BSIS and we would like to encourage you to review and engage with the tool to better understand the software in how it can and does work. We have created a predefined set of roles that will allow the user to better understand the software from the different role’s perspectives.

Demo Sever URL:

Access details

Demo User: The demo user is an administrator user and will allow you to see all the functionality of BSIS associated to the administrator. It will not show the restrictions associated with the roles of different users.

  • Username: superuser
  • Password: superuser

Below is a list of other users available on the demo site. These users represent the different roles within the system, allowing the user to experience the functionality restrictions associated with each role.

Full user list

superuser                                   dataentryclerk serologysupervisor
administrator medicalofficer serologystaff
donorclinicsupervisor componentsupervisor inventorystaff
donorclinicstaff componentstaff bloodbankstaff
donorcommunicationsstaff ttitestingsupervisor  
donorcounsellingstaff ttitestingstaff  


Note: the password is the same as the username i.e. username: donorclinicstaff, password: donorclinicstaff

Please note: the demo server does not contain real data. The database resets itself periodically – if it becomes temporarily unavailable, please try again in a few minutes. All data that is added to the system is removed when the database is reset – this means that any demo data added today is not likely to be on the server tomorrow.