BSSP: Ethiopia National Blood Bank Service

Location: Addis Ababa Centre
The Ethiopian National Blood Bank Service’s (ENBBS) mission is to ensure the availability of safe and adequate supply of blood and blood products to all Transfusing Health facilities in Ethiopia.The National Blood Bank Services Office is the nonprofit governmental organization established with core function of community mobilization & education on voluntary blood donation, blood collection, laboratory processing, testing & production of blood, distribute to health facilities, promote appropriate clinical use of blood, research & capacity building in BTS. The ENBBS was established in 1969 by Ethiopian Red Cross society but since 2004 has been transferred to the Federal Ministry of Health Ethiopia. Its main center is located in Addis Ababa and it has also the responsibility to oversee, support and monitor the activities of regional blood bank in the country which are administratively under their respective regional health bureaus.

In August 2016 Jembi initiated the process of implementing BSIS at the ENBBS during a pre-implementation visit by the Jembi BSSP team to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The team spent a week in Addis Ababa hosted by the ENBBS, where they presented the Blood Safety Information System (BSIS) as a tool for data management within Blood Services as well as the BSSP as a mechanism for potentially implementing BSIS at the Addis Ababa branch of the ENBBS. Following this presentation of BSIS and the BSSP, the ENBBS took the decision to move forward with implementing BSIS at their Addis Ababa service and the team jointly agreed on pre-implementation requirements and activities, areas of responsibility in preparation for and during implementation as well as a timeline for implementation of BSIS in Addis Ababa beginning in November 2016.