BSSP: Lesotho Blood Transfusion Service

Location: Maseru, Lesotho

Lesotho Blood Transfusion Service (LBTS) is the department of the Ministry of Health, committed to providing all the hospitals in the country with adequate blood and blood products that are effective and as safe as possible, in accordance with set national and international standards to meet the needs of all the patients whenever needed, in a cost effective manner.

Following the successful “go live” of BSIS Version 1.0 at LBTS on the 24 October 2016 Jembi continues to provide LBTS with post implementation support.   In March 2017, 6 months post go live, the Jembi team visited LBTS to install a new BSIS reporting framework which has allowed LBTS to be able to access more management reports. During this visit the Jembi M & E team also conducted their 6 month evaluation, the outcomes of which show positive changes resulting from the use of BSIS at LBTS.  The Jembi and LBTS teams are currently planning for system upgrade to BSIS Version 1.3 which is scheduled for July 2017.