BSSP: National Blood Service Ghana

Location: Accra, Ghana
The National Blood Service Ghana (NBSG), is an institution under the Ministry of Health dedicated to saving lives through the provision of safe blood from cherished voluntary blood donors who have dedicated their lives to donate blood to be used by others. The Southern Area Blood Centre (SABC) provides blood products to health facilities in the southern part of Ghana.

In June 2016 Jembi initiated the process of implementing BSIS at the SABC during a pre-implementation visit by the Jembi BSSP team to Accra, Ghana. The team spent a week in Accra hosted by the SABC, where they presented the Blood Safety Information System (BSIS) as a tool for data management within Blood Services as well as the BSSP as a mechanism for potentially implementing BSIS at the SABC. Following this presentation of BSIS and the BSSP, the SABC and NBSG took the decision to move forward with implementing BSIS at their Accra service and the team jointly agreed on pre-implementation requirements and activities, areas of responsibility in preparation for and during implementation as well as a timeline for implementation of BSIS in Accra beginning in November 2016.