CMAM praises Jembi-MOASIS collaboration and support in the SIMAM project

Central de Medicamentos e Artigos Medicos (CMAM) praised Jembi-MOAIS on its contribution to the SIMAM project

Maputo, 25 February 2014 – Central de Medicamentos e Artigos Medicos (CMAM) praised Jembi-MOASIS (through an official letter) for its contribution, collaboration and support to the SIMAM (Information system for management of medicines and medical supplies) project.

Some of the key points highlighted by CMAM is Jembi-MOASIS’s involvement and contribution in: (1) the training of the IT technicians supported by Jembi-MOASIS, the technicians will provide direct support to the provincial SIMAM installation and implementation; (2) the software development of the SIMAM system supported by MOASIS which includes improvements on the SIMAM installer; (3) Three SIS Compact Station given by MOASIS under the SIMAM project and workplan to support the deployment phase, which ultimately produced positive results in terms of software installation, implementation, data security and data transfer.


Press release (PDF)

Copy of official letter (PDF)


“The SI-MA project was made possible through a partnership between Mozambique and the American people through PEPFAR-CDC funding.”

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