Collaborating Centre for Digital Health Innovation – the CC-DHI

On Thursday 30 August an exciting collaboration in digital health between the South African Medical Research Council (SAMRC) and Jembi Health Systems NPC (Jembi) was launched.
Almost 10 years after its inception as a spin-out of the SAMRC, Jembi and the SAMRC are once again partnering in digital health by creating the Collaborating Centre for Digital Health Innovation – the CC-DHI. This brings together world leading research capabilities with health information systems skills to align in assisting the SA National Department of Health in achieving its goals.
The scope of the SAMRC’s research projects includes tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, cardiovascular and non-communicable diseases, gender and health, and alcohol and other drug abuse. With a strategic objective to help strengthen the health systems of the country – in line with that of the SA Department of Health.

Prof Seebregts at the opening ceremony of the CC-DHI

Jembi was founded through the vision of Prof Chris Seebregts who initially headed up the SAMRC’s Bio Informatics Research Division. Jembi is now seen as one of the leading specialist health information systems organisations in Africa and currently has almost 100 employees and an annual revenue close to one hundred Million Rands. Core Jembi competencies include health information systems development and implementation: enterprise and systems architecture for health, and the analysis, design and development of software for health systems.

The CC-DHI will bring together digital health researchers, innovators and entrepreneurs from universities, private industry as well as public enterprise to assist in aligning and harmonising digital health development for sustainable impact in public health.