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Jembi COVID-19 Activities

Jembi is actively involved in the international response to COVID-19 as an NGO dedicated to supporting the design, development, implementation and sustainable use of digital health information systems to help support patient and case management and produce reliable information for decision making. 

Below is a high-level overview of our activities grouped by their country location.

Due to the fast-moving and dynamic nature of responses to the COVID-19 Pandemic
this content is likely to age quickly and will be expanded and updated regularly. 


Jembi Mozambique (MOASIS) is actively proposing services to the Mozambique Ministry of Health (MISAU) and funders as a local NGO that is organised and able to work in an emergency environment and considered as a critical resource by MISAU.


Jembi Mozambique’s strategy is currently focused on three areas: 
  1. Creation and operation of a COVID-19 Crisis Management Unit (CCMU) 

  2. A Jembi Mozambique Crisis Management Plan for COVID-19 Response. 

  3. Offering support services to the Mozambique Ministry of Health. 


With a mandate to serve the Ministry of Health and the National Health system, Jembi Mozambique is considered an essential organization and will remain active during the COVID19 emergency, to support MISAU in functioning to deal with the crisis. 

Recent Updates

16 April 2021


  • Rapid Assessment of COVID-19 initiatives in the region and beyond 

  • Provided 5 cars and drivers to Maputo Provincial Health Directorate and National Health Institute for COVID-19 health workers, test samples and surveys

  • Donated 4000 informative pamphlets to the Ministry of Health to raise awareness in rural communities

  • Developed the COVID-19 mobile app for the Ministry of Health

  • Installed wifi network at reference hospital for COVID-19 in Maputo, Polana Caniço Health Facility

  • Made Jembi staff available to support MOH activities during the state of emergency

  • Support COVID-19 meetings at the provincial level

  • Provided IT equipment for MOH staff to work remotely

  • Support gathering of vaccination statistical data during the national COVID-19 vaccination program

  • 31 Jembi Mozambique staff benefitted from the phase National COVID-19 Vaccination Program. 

South Africa


Jembi is working on several projects that support the South African national response to the COVID-19 Pandemic. 


AHIE Project Expansion for COVID-19 Case Monitoring

Our Xenon Team is working with the University of Cape Town School of Public Health and Family Medicine (UCT-SPHFM) and the Western Cape Provincial Health Data Centre (PHDC), led by Prof Andrew Boulle, on the African Health Information Exchange (AHIE) project, funded by The Health Foundation.


As part of this project, we are assisting the team to extend the Single Patient Viewer (SPV) and Open Integrated Health Platform (OpenIHP) for COVID-19 case tracking, tracing and management in the Western Cape province: 

  • Capturing COVID-19 cases and contacts to help track people who have potentially been exposed.

  • Implementing line listing reports for easy access to Covid-19 positive patient lists for follow up, as well as people potentially exposed for notification purposes.

  • Functionality to create new patient folders is available, we are improving this patient registration feature to minimise duplicate patient folders on the system

Recent Updates

14 April 2020

SPV/OpenIHP has been adopted as the standard system in the Western Cape province for COVID-19 case registration and official reporting.

International Community


Participation in OpenHIE COVID-19 Task Force

Jembi Senior Technical Program Manager, Daniel Futerman, is participating in the OpenHIE COVID-19 task force among other community efforts, to support community efforts to identify and collate information relating to data standards and exchange relevant to the COVID-19 response, and see how we can best adapt and support the use of Jembi-supported tools such as the OpenHIM and Instant OpenHIE to respond to COVID-19.

OpenHIM COVID-19 Project

Through funding from Digital Square, Jembi is working on a project to adapt and leverage the OpenHIM to support with COVID-19 data exchange within a health information exchange, promoting the use of open source software and standards to support countries' digital health ecosystems in response to COVID-19.


The scope of work is focused on COVID-19 case reporting and submission of lab results, supporting ingestion of case and lab data, and persistence to both a FHIR data repository and DHIS2.


CDC CARES Act COVID-19 Project

Under the CDC CARES Act proejct, Jembi is working with several partners to support accelerated planning and operational readiness for COVID-19 preparedness and response, as well as develop tools and strategies, provide technical assistance and program support, and ensure ongoing communication and coordination among public health agencies and partners.


Jembi’s scope of work includes support on a landscape assessment, implementation of patient identity management solutions to uniquely identify COVID-19 patients across systems and countries, and to customize, refine and implement a generic National Data Repository to support national COVID-19 surveillance data exchange, analytics and visualization at the country level.

Recent Updates

26 April 2021



For more information on the situation in South Africa:

South African National Helpline:

0800 029 999

Contact Us

​If you would like to find out more about any of these projects or speak to us about collaborating please use our contact form and details for each office.

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