Executive Summary

The United States Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention (CDC) contracted with HISP-SA to provide health information system services under the “Program to Provide Technical Assistance and Build Capacity of the South Africa National Department of Health and Provincial Departments of Health to Strengthen the National Health and Provincial Departments of Health under the CDC Project and PEPFAR” (“Khuphukani Project”).

The two primary objectives are:

  • Developing and aligning mechanisms and structures for the management of health information systems;
  • Providing health information system technical assistance.

Programs | Projects

The Grant has generated and supports the following projects:

South Africa Program | MomConnect

Jembi has been working closely with the South African National Department of Health and mHealth service providers to create a National Pregnancy Registry (NPR). The NPR is a powerful platform for coalating, exchanging, analyzing and reporting person-level pregnancy data in the public health sector.