Online Health Care Insurance Information System for Rwanda

Executive Summary

The RWHIT project was transferred to the Rwanda Social Security Board (RSSB) through a Government of Rwanda law promulgated to transfer activities regarding the Mutuelle de Sante from the Rwanda Ministry of Health (MoH) to RSSB. To this effect, an MoH was signed between MoH, RSSB and Jembi to detail the responsibility of each institution under the transition. Within RSSB, the application was re-named 3MS (Mutuelle Membership Management System). This change in Mutuelle policy has made the membership system somewhat more complex to manage than when all payments were made at the same rate of RWF 1000 per month. In addition, there is a certain amount of patient roaming between health facilities for services, either due to travel or convenience. This makes it difficult to verify the membership status of individuals before providing treatment, prompting the development of the 3MS.

Rwanda Program

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The Grant has generated and supports the following projects:

Online Health Care Insurance Information System for Rwanda | Mutuelle Membership Management System

The Ministry of Health of Rwanda have embarked on a program to ensure all Rwandans have access to affordable healthcare through health insurance schemes including the community based health insurance scheme or “Mutuelle de Santé”.