Open Health Information Exchange (OpenHIE)

Executive Summary

Jembi is continuing to contribute towards the development of the OpenHIE ( through the development an OpenHIE Implementers Network (OHIN) to assist with adoption of OpenHIE approaches, methodology, architectures and tools. There is currently significant demand to strengthen health information exchange and interoperability between applications with open APIs (mostly open source) as part of national health management information systems (HMIS) in low resource countries. The OHIN’s aim is to assist with this by providing a forum where interested parties can participate to discuss goals and requirements and share knowledge and experiences. Jembi works with OpenHIE leadership and the existing communities to create the OHIN and is excited to see the OHIN being used to provide first line support to the DATIM users community. Jembi will continue the development and enhancement of the existing OpenHIM and OpenSHR reference tools to be implementation-ready tools with supporting documentation that enables easy adoption. In addition, Jembi will continue to develop the components required for the DATIM project, including the Entity De-duplication registry, OpenHIM mediators and adapters and any other DATIM-specific technologies.

OpenHIE Fact Sheet

OpenHIM Product / Technology Open Health Information Mediator

Programs | Projects

The Grant has generated and supports the following projects:

South Africa Program | DATIM

The primary aim of this project is to collaborate with the wider OpenHIE team in order to provide a “packaged solution” that enables a DATIM Node to be installed.

South Africa Program | Shared Health Record

The primary aim of this project is to lead and grow the SHR community in the ongoing design and continued development of the Shared Health Record tool in the following areas:

South Africa Program | Interoperability Layer

The aim of this project is to lead the OpenHIE Interoperability layer (IOL) community in the technical design and continued development of the component solution.