Rwanda Health Systems Strengthening Activity

Executive Summary

This is a USAID sub-award through MSH. This work area aims to enhance Rwanda Social Security Board (RSSB) information systems by supporting the transition of existing Community Based Health Insurance (CBHI) systems from the Ministry of Health to RSSB, facilitating the development of a strategic roadmap for automating other business processes, helping to identify potential software solutions to meet RSSB’s needs, developing interoperability tools to link systems, and supporting MSH and RSSB in the establishment of public private partnerships to support users via a help desk.  Jembi’s primary support will be focused on the transition of the CBHI Membership Management System to the RSSB.

Under the RHSSA Project, we are also providing technical assistance to a number of strategic projects led by the Ministry of Health including developing the Roadmap for the National Electronic Medical Records Implementation.

Rwanda Program

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The Grant has generated and supports the following projects:

Rwanda | Rwanda Health Systems Strengthening Project

Jembi has been awarded a sub-contract under the Rwandan Health Systems Strengthening Activity (RHSSA) Project to provide technical assistance across eight work-packages over the five-year period from November 2014 to September 2019.