Unicef CHMS USSD Solution

Executive Summary

The Ministry of Health in Uganda has embarked on an innovative eHealth strategy that includes the Community Health Management System. Uganda’s CHMS is currently based on an android application which facilitates the registration of households and individuals by Village Health Teams (VHT), Community Health Extension Workers (CHEW) and other Healthcare Professionals (HCP), and the collection of key household and individual indicators.

As a part of its continued investment in CHMS, the Ministry would like to develop a USSD based extension of this application which can be used on any phone in the country, while ensuring that all elements of the programme are integrated with the current Android application and other Health Information Systems in Uganda As part of Ministry’s VHT Revitalization Strategy, the Ministry currently intends to provide the smartphone version of CHMS to the anticipated 8,000 CHEW’s and train the approximately 175,000 VHTs on the USSD version. By introducing this set of USSD modules into the CHMS strategy, this will allow scaling of the programme country-wide at a fraction of the current cost, eliminate hardware dependencies, and provide the ability to directly target and empower households with information.

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The Grant has generated and supports the following projects:

Unicef CHMS USSD Solution | Unicef CHMS USSD Solution

Praekhelt and Jembi will be working together on the CHMS USSD Solution for Unicef to develop the USSD registration platform (initially targeting pregnant mothers), SMS and USSD stage based message delivery platform (including ANC reminders), Control Interface and Dashboards and Service Rating elements.