HealthConnect Devops Engineer

HealthConnect is an innovative and potentially disruptive technology that Jembi has been commissioned to develop. HealthConnect has the potential to change the public health perception on mobile health and provide an enabling platform to take health services to communities in a sustainable and manageable manner. The HealthConnect platform comprises four separate technologies – one being the Mobile Access Gateway. Jembi is looking to hire a systems administrator with additional experience/skills in MQTT, OAuth and similar, in setting up a test server, a QA server and an operations server to host the Mobile Access Gateway services within the SA Medical Research Council Data Centre.

Instead of simply taking what has been developed and operationalizing the service, you will be required to work with the development team, to find the best fit, support solutions and, in advising the team based on your experience;  in the limitations, strengths and weaknesses of design criteria. You will work closely with the technical architect to ensure that there is alignment between the systems management aspect of the platform and user requirements where this integration could make maintenance and support simpler. In addition, your skills in security and data protection on a systems level will guide both the design and the technology choices throughout the process.

The role therefore, will not only be in providing a solution to these challenges, but in guiding Jembi in ongoing decisions on provisioning operational platforms in the future.

Roles of the Devops engineer for HealthConnect

The successful candidate will be required to work with the Jembi Development team in

  • workshopping with the Jembi team to estimate the server size and requirements.
  • workshopping with the Jembi team and the MRC Data Centre administrator to determine the general architecture, routing and any security requirements.
  • set up the required instances of the servers
  • installing the required technologies
  • configure the system and set up the required scripts etc to support the system
  • Do systems testing to ensure all servers and applications are performing as required.
  • Developing a services monitoring platform to monitor system performance for ongoing support

You would report directly to the solutions architect.

General attributes

  • has a wealth of experience in successfully building innovative solutions
  • has a wealth of experience in “what-not-to-do” for innovative solutions.
  • has a strong analytical and problem-solving ability
  • has a high attention to detail
  • Is innovative in their approach and not scared to think “beyond the box”
  • is able to be work independently, but more than capable of functioning in a team
  • is self-motivated and has a sense of pride in their work
  • is passionate about their field as well as an enquiring mind, taking ownership for staying up to date with the latest trends and developments in their field.
  • Has the ability to run problem-solving threads while still interacting with others from the human race, watching movies, eating and sleeping
  • has logical thinking and reasoning skills.
  • has a strong sense of integrity, and is open, honest and ethical in everything they do
  • is able to accept constructive criticism.
  • is able to execute on instructions.
  • is willing and able to impart skills and information to assist fellow colleagues where necessary in achieving the team’s goals.
  • is able to remain flexible and function under pressure when required.
  • should have a serious and strong sense of commercial requirements and business acumen, and understand these implications to decisions

Contract Period

The initial installation and configuration is estimated to be completed by June 2019, given contract commencement within the first two weeks of Feb 2019.

The successful candidate may be required to attend a set of upfront workshops at Jembi premises in Tokai as well as at the MRC Data Centre in Tygervalley.

However, thereafter, the candidate may elect to work from home, once remote access to the required servers has been established. The contract is not for a full time post, but will be based on a number of hours per month, not exceeding an amount to be determined during the workshops.

Subsequent to the successful installation of the system, the candidate may be requested to continue systems administrator and Devops support, on an ongoing basis to maintain the system on behalf of Jembi – based possibly on a monthly retainer and an hourly fee.

Please use the reference number: JEM-HealthConnectMW -01 when applying for the position (