Jembi CEO participates in CRVS rapid prototyping workshop at University of Leiden

Jembi CEO, Prof Chris Seebregts, participated in a Civil Registration and Vital Statistics (CRVS) rapid prototyping workshop at the University of Leiden during April 2017. The workshop was organised by PLAN International and HumanityX, a university research project, and focussed on brainstorming new approaches to advancing CRVS in low resource settings. This innovative forum is designed to generate ideas and rapidly advance through a process of initial refinement in preparation for further development using a group of stakeholders from diverse background.

Prof Seebregts, in collaboration with PLAN International, presented a proposal for the development of an OpenCRVS application based on the Open Health Information Exchange pattern. The proposal was one of the ideas selected for further development by the group. Initial designs were discussed and the project is presently being developed by PLAN International and Jembi as a collaborative development project, with follow-up meetings planned at PLAN HQ in Paris and Jembi HQ in Cape Town. The final product is expected to fill a much-needed gap in the tools and technologies required to strengthen this important area in low resource settings.

Chris in LeidenChris Seebregts, presenting the OpenCRVS-OpenHIE proposal with fello team members