Jembi contributes to One Health strategy at the First Research for Africa Network (ERFAN) Workshop hosted by the University of Pretoria

Jembi Health Systems contributed to the segment on multi-sectorial and regional collaborative efforts to address matters related to the One Health Initiative and Information Systems to support public health and surveillance for veterinary during the First Research for Africa Network (ERFAN) Workshop hosted by the Faculty of Veterinary Science (Department of Veterinary Tropical Diseases) at the University of Pretoria and the Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale of Abruzzo and Molise “G.Caporale”, or IZSAM from Italy.

Cape Town, South Africa – October 2017 – The workshop titled “Strengthening ERFAN through the support of OIE reference Laboratories and Collaborative Centres in the SADC Region” convened by the University of Pretoria and IZSAM aimed at improving research and collaboration between African countries to support and strengthen OIE (World Health Organization for Animals) Reference Laboratories and Collaborative Centres in the SADC region to address issues related animal health, food security and disease surveillance including the human health (One Health vision).

ERFAN2The workshop was attended by diplomats, OIE, EU, FAO, Ministries of Agriculture of SADC countries, veterinary science professionals, private organizations and partners from 8 different SADC countries. The participants worked on identifying areas of collaboration based on the scientific skills and pool of multidisciplinary professionals available in the ERFAN network and began developing a plan of action to make ERFAN operational in the SADC region.

Jembi was represented by Programs Director, Dr. Alessandro Campione and CEO, Prof. Chris Seebregts, who participated in the One Health Group discussions and presented strategies aimed at supporting the development of a sustainable Information System for veterinary health, surveillance and food security using models and best practices of the human health sector, envisaging integration of the public information and surveillance systems to support the One Health approach. As an African leader in the realm of information systems, Jembi was tasked with leading the presentations and discussions on proposed methodologies for a veterinary disease surveillance system linked with national health systems for human health. Jembi also had the opportunity to present the draft eVet website (veterinary electronic information system) under construction where information on the ERFAN regional network will be stored and shared with partners and veterinary science practitioners.