Jembi Health Systems receives award from the 3rd Commonwealth Digital Health Awards as Runner Up

Mr. Carl Fourie, Senior Programme Coordinator, receives the Award on behalf of Jembi Health
Systems NPC

Cape Town, 12 October 2018 – Jembi Health Systems NPC, Blood Safety Information System (BSIS) programme has received an award from the 3rd Commonwealth Digital Health Awards as Runner Up in the “Maternal and Neonatal Health’ category of the Awards. Entries into the Commonwealth Digital Health Awards were judged by panel of internationally recognized experts and the best two submissions for each thematic area received a ‘Commonwealth Digital Health Award’.

How does BSIS as a blood safety information management system improve material and neonatalhealth? The World Health Organisation and UNICEF estimate that there were about 201,000 maternal deaths in Africa in 2015 and that about 25% of these were the result of server bleeding. Access to safe blood for blood transfusions in health services offering maternity services is critical to reducing these numbers. Since 2016 the Blood Safety Information System (BSIS), has been rolled out to, and is in operational use in blood centres in 3 African countries (Lesotho, Ghana and Ethiopia). To date BSIS has been used to label and issue around 134,000 units for transfusion at health facilities. The blood service estimate that about 25% or 33,500 of these units have gone to maternal/obstetrics and paediatrics wards to provide lifesaving treatment to women and children.