JEMBI/UEM-mOASIS Supports Participation of 13 Technicians of the Mozambique National Health System at DHIS2 Academy on Health Information Analysis and Use

JEMBI / UEM-mOASIS supported the participation of 13 technicians from the National Health System of Mozambique (SNS) and 3 of its local technicians at the DHIS2 Level 1 Academy in Maputo. The SNS and Jembi/UEM-mOASIS technicians were trained in the use of the DHIS2 platform with a focus on the analysis and use of health information.

Technicians of the SNS and Jembi/UEM-Moasis trained in DHSI2

Maputo, Mozambique – August 2018 – As part of its cooperation with the Ministry of Health aimed at strengthening national health information systems (SIS) in Mozambique, Jembi/UEM-mOASIS has dedicated efforts and resources to training staff from the National Health System (SNS) in order to ensure sustainability of the SIS in what regards the collection, analysis, management and use of health information through the National Monitoring and Evaluation systems (SIS-MA) based on the DHIS2 platform.

The DHIS2 Level 1 academy on health analysis and information use held from 6-11 August was a unique opportunity to train SNS technicians on this subject area. Health technicians from all provinces of the country and central organs participated in this academy, with the exception of Niassa Province. In addition to providing them with technical skills in analyzing and using information, the training of these staff enabled them to monitor the dynamics of the technological evolution of the SISMA platform, as well as the sharing of experiences and main problems related to the SIS in general and SISMA in particular.

The participants were unanimous in expressing their satisfaction with the training and, emphasized that their expectations were reached to an extent that they felt able to operationalize the lessons learned during the academy. DHIS2 is a flexible open-source information system that allows data collection, management and visualization with features including GIS, charts and pivot tables.

”This project is possible thanks to a partnership between Mozambique and the American people through funding from PEPFAR – CDC”