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Jembi has a vacancy for an experienced and well-qualified Project Director to support its local and international digital health projects in the public health technology sector. The successful applicant will work with a vibrant business and technical team to deliver an effective health information system and integrated health architectures on several exciting digital and health information systems projects in South Africa and other African countries and also engage with a global set of stakeholders and international communities of practice.

Jembi seeks to appoint an accomplished and well-qualified Project Director to provide leadership, management, and digital health expertise to manage several digital health, information systems, technology and development Programs and projects within the public health ecosystem in South Africa and other countries in Africa.

The Projects Director is a senior member of Jembi’s Technical Governance team, reporting to the Technical Director, who is ultimately accountable for the success of a portfolio of projects engaged by Jembi with diverse stakeholders. The Projects Director is responsible to control everything within their portfolio:
● Budget
● Timelines
● Workplan scope
● People / teams
● Risk mitigation
● Client engagement
● Opportunity development

Jembi projects are vested in the health information technology domain and a Projects Director would be required to have a strong grasp of its technical domain knowledge to make their own evaluation of workplan scope, risks and opportunities. The role demands experience in delivering end to end software solutions, managing complex stakeholder networks and creating win-win value for client and company.

The Projects Director is an important role to contribute to the well-being and growth of Jembi at large and must be able to act in the best interest for the company, demonstrated by getting involved in company problem-solving and taking initiative for continuous improvement. The Projects Director should be a strong team player making significant contributions to Jembi Technical Governance.

Required skills & experience

The Projects Director’s role can be outlined in the following aspects:

  • Delivery Management

  • Leadership

  • Focus on impact on the client

  • Program and Project Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting

Delivery Management

A Projects Director is trusted by those around them and perceived as a professional, competent leader. Their craft is focused on leadership, account management, enabling delivery and ensuring accountability.

They know what is required of the teams and what needs to be delivered. People do not question a Projects Director’s intent or credibility. A Projects Director is able to make excellent decisions without the need for full context. A Projects Director seeks the required context and imparts this onto their teams. They are focused on high level objectives/broader delivery goals and consistently guide their teams. A Projects Director is self-aware and humble about their strengths and where they need assistance. They are confident in their abilities and are assertive with their decision-making.

A Projects Director must balance their contribution across teams and customers. They do this by managing, delegating, enabling and building leaders in their respective environments. The value that a Projects Director brings includes their people leadership, account management, business acumen and strategic focus. A Projects Director is able to identify project and team risks and work to resolve or mitigate these risks before they impact delivery, their people or their customers.

A Projects Director ensures that their teams follow a well-defined delivery approach to:

  • Requirements, estimations, scope, and task management

  • Change management

  • Risk management

  • Release management

  • Design and architecture

  • Quality assurance

  • Project planning

  • Status reporting

  • On-boarding and off-boarding of team members

  • Define the correct KPI's, definitions of success and measurement of success for their teams

  • Establish appropriate reporting lines and team structures

A Projects Director will be supportive and will be there for their teams. They put ego aside when it comes to their decisions and will understand that their point of view will not always be correct. A Projects Director is able to influence change and lead even if they do not have explicit authority. They own their decision-making process and do not delegate decisions or the ownership of their team’s affairs. They will take ultimate accountability for all aspects of their accounts and people.

A Projects Director can learn & pick up new skills on their own without assistance from others. Learning these skills comes from investing time into reading up about their leadership craft, learning on the job and networking. They look for opportunities to step out of their comfort zone and learn new aspects of management and leadership.


A Projects Director’s teams and customers rely on their experience and insight to ensure that the right things are being done. A Projects Director encourages a positive outlook, even in adversity. They approach conflict with the mindset of creating a win-win outcome for all parties. A Projects Director assumes full responsibility for their customers, environment, team’s deliverables and projects.

A Projects Director’s benevolent intent towards the team is to help their team members grow as professionals. A Projects Director mentors and coaches directly or by delegating the responsibility when appropriate. They do this through mechanisms such as:

  • Having awareness of their team’s affairs (strengths, weaknesses, goals, concerns, tasks, workload, limits and achievements)

  • Setting the correct expectations and then holding their team members accountable

  • Enabling team members and their Leads to experiment, try or step out of their comfort zone

  • Responsibly pushing their team members and Leads into new growth areas and knowing when this is appropriate

  • Conducting regular one-on-ones and providing meaningful review sessions and delegating these to their Leads when appropriate

  • Soliciting and providing valuable feedback for team members

  • Building meaningful relationships with their team members

  • Creating a culture of accountability

  • Understanding what the baseline expectation for the different roles and crafts are

  • Understanding that making team members world-class results in world-class solutions

  • Succession planning and leadership development

A Projects Director is supportive, empathetic, leads by example and is always available for the team during deployments, go-lives, and other push-periods. They are available to provide advice, support or a soundboard in regard to both delivery and interpersonal issues. The Projects Director will set the strategic mission, vision and purpose for their teams and will champion the culture within their environments.

A Projects Director maintains a calm demeanour and does not let personal circumstance impact their decision-making ability, delivery or allow these to impact the team. The Projects Director can communicate their thought process and decisions to varying audiences clearly. A Projects Director will understand when it is appropriate to concede for the better of the project, team or customer. They can negotiate and explain a way forward (priorities, decisions, definition of scope) when there are differences of opinion.

One of the core objectives of the Project Director is to identify and develop the leadership ability within their existing and potential Leads.

  • Shows a high level of ability to lead and manage people.

  • Shows effectiveness in accomplishing objectives through subordinates while delegating and co-ordinating effectively.

  • Makes a concerted effort to help subordinates grow and take on further responsibilities. Effectively evaluates subordinates’ performance, strengths and development needs. Provides constructive feedback.

  • The Projects Director holds his/her Leads accountable and avoids overprotective behaviour.

  • Has strong, rich relationships with subordinate staff levels (direct and indirect). Has the respect of subordinate staff levels and shows urgency when dealing with staff issues.

  • Has a wide and deep network internally within Jembi.

  • The Projects Director is ultimately accountable for the Leads executing on their KPI’s.

Beneficial skills & experience
Competencies required

Focus on impact on the client

A Projects Director derives value from their teams delivering significant business value to their customers. They are aware of how their team’s deliverables serve the customers’ broader strategic objectives.

A Projects Director constantly elevates the Jembi brand in their environments and finds new ways that we can bring value to their customers. A Projects Director will actively grow Jembi’s footprint with their customers aligning to Jembi’s broader strategic objectives. A Projects Director is present and engaged with senior customers, pro-actively fostering relationships within the customer’s leadership team. They actively create respect for Jembi’s values within their environment.

A Projects Director is seen as the ultimate level of authority for Jembi by their customers and is trusted to deal with all Jembi affairs. They remove the customer's anxiety and fear by explaining and managing expectations and perceptions, and by solving their problems. The Projects Director does this by ensuring they have the correct teams for the customer’s strategic objectives. A Projects Director balances deadlines, requirements, budget, quality, best practice & deliverables in order to achieve customer success.

A Projects Director is involved in defining the economics and engagement model for their respective customer. They ensure that the customer is getting the correct value for the cost in time or effort. They strive for their teams to be seen as assets. They are the point person for all of their customers, unless they have developed appropriate Leads to take this ownership.

Jembi reserves the right to not appoint the position if it does not find a suitable candidate.

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All new Jembi positions are linked to specific project funding and include a three-month probationary period.

There is no guarantee the advertised position will be recruited as it will depend on funding being place and the candidates applying meeting the criteria required to fill this position. Preference will be given to SA citizens and permanent residents. Applicants with work visas must possess visas which will permit them to work for Jembi Health Systems.

In evaluating prospective applicants and making the final selection, consideration will be given to Jembi Health Systems Employment Equity objective.

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