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Senior Technical Project Manager


Jembi seeks to appoint an accomplished and well-qualified Senior Technical Project Manager, to manage a variety of healthcare, information systems, technology and development projects within the public healthcare ecosystem in South Africa.

The successful candidate will report to the Technical Director and will be responsible for working with the relevant Senior Managers taking accountability for delivery management.

This will include guiding activities, implementing agreed approaches, policies and plans; coordinating program deliverables (including risk assessments and resource requirements); communicating work planned and done to key stakeholders.

Jembi’s development environment has a flat reporting structure with individuals taking accountability for their actions and performance. We allow and encourage individuals to innovate in their core competence areas and implement their ideas to enhance the overall offering. The ideal candidate will have strong analytical and problem-solving abilities, and an attention to detail and show initiative.

Required skills & experience

The person will be expected to work independently, as well as be a team player. Someone who is self-motivated and has a sense of pride in their work, is passionate about technology and self-learning and who takes responsibility for their actions would fit into our team. Strong logical thinking and reasoning skills, a strong sense of integrity, and the drive to be open, honest and ethical in everything they do is critical to our work.

Proven experience with hardware and software communications systems and fault finding is essential to this position. The ability to learn and apply new development tools quickly and efficiently, accept constructive criticism, remain flexible, function under pressure and maintain a positive attitude and work performance in a variety of circumstances will differentiate the right candidate.

The Senior Technical Project Manager is a member of Jembi’s Technical Governance team who is ultimately accountable for the tracking of Jembi’s Technical Integrated Workplan. The Senior Technical Project Manager is responsible for:

  • Managing Jembi’s technical division’s integrated workplan

  • Timeline tracking

  • Workplan progress tracking

  • Resource capacity planning

  • Risk mitigation

  • Internal and external stakeholder expectation management

  • Reporting to Technical Governance on key performance indicators

  • Internal and external reporting of critical path analysis

Jembi projects are vested in the health information technology domain and a Senior Technical Project Manager would be required to have a strong grasp of its technical domain knowledge to make their own evaluation of task sizing, risks, dependencies, and critical path.

Beneficial skills & experience

Delivery Planning

  • Identifies and understands risks in the project and knows the obstacles that are in the path and puts in place risk mitigation strategies for these risks

  • Critical gatekeeper between client delivery expectations and internal delivery systems

  • Ensures development tasks are well thought through

  • Offers insight into tasks and priorities across all projects

  • Identifies and highlights potential project risks

  • Performs resource planning based on the division’s integrated workplan

  • Assigns delivery tasks to technical teams ensuring there is capacity in collaboration with the Software Development Team Manager, Architects, Lead Analysts and Technical Team Leads

  • Identifies and initiates capacity building

  • Holds kick-off sessions involving key delivery stakeholders with goal to get on same page

Delivery Tracking

  • Perform reporting, planning, progress reporting, risk management, communication to team, clients and Jembi stakeholders

  • Manages internal and external stakeholders’ expectations via feedback loops (demo's, releases to UAT, sending screenshots etc)

  • Measure usage of resource budget (time spent) against delivery progress

  • Identify where progress and expectations are slipping

  • Identify key risks where there is no satisfactory mitigation strategy

  • Identify where focus must be aligned more to critical path

  • Identify blockers / resource (time) wasters

  • Ensure blocker / risk mitigation strategies are executed

  • Measure alignment and process effectiveness

  • Ensure conformance to process across teams

  • Critically evaluate identify gaps

  • Foster collaboration between teams and roles across the division

  • Gathering key performance indicators for reporting to Technical Governance

  • Ensure teams have resources / info / decisions they need to work efficiently

Communication and Creating Alignment

  • An effective mediator between all parties (client, team and Jembi management), avoiding mis-communication

  • Expresses ideas clearly – both verbally and in writing

  • Provides relevant and timely information to colleagues, subordinates and customers

  • Communicates difficult issues transparently, honestly and in a constructive manner

  • Is known to be a naturally talented communicator and is able to speak to staff and customers in a way that fosters understanding and clarity without undue confrontation

  • Is known to be an over-communicator, volunteering relevant information to the Jembi management, customers and their team without needing to be asked

  • Shows strong work-ethic and energy. Demonstrates a professional demeanour, attitude, appearance and is punctual and dependable

  • Demonstrates a commitment to honesty, integrity and transparency

  • Resolves conflict in a constructive way with internal and external stakeholders

  • Manages administrative elements of the role professionally

  • The Senior Technical Project Manager conducts himself in an objective manner always acting in the client’s best interest

  • Able to formulate detailed initiatives that are aligned to both client and Jembi needs

  • Communicates initiatives, reasoning and plans effectively

  • Is a natural motivator and conflict resolver. Ensures that every stakeholder understands the goals of the project and team and is able to maintain a sense of shared-purpose and understanding between client, analyst and technical teams

Strategic Thinking and Understanding

  • Prioritises workload and initiatives to obtain maximum returns on effort and investment, i.e. effective prioritization of work to return the best short and long-term gains

  • Demonstrates a strong understanding of Jembi’s strategy, requirements and priorities. The individual asks the right questions and makes certain that they have an in-depth understanding of why certain strategies are to be followed. Effectively unpacks mandate in detail and looks at different areas it affects and sees different angles that can be capitalised on i.e. uses mandates and adds to them to provide organisational innovation and growth

  • Ability to proactively identify potential areas of improvement, plan initiatives, implement these initiatives and measure success

Client Relationships

  • Has strong, rich relationships with clients and other stakeholders

  • Shows urgency and attentiveness when dealing with all stakeholders

  • Has a wide and deep network within the client organisation, with a number of “one call away” relationships

  • Has been proactive in building relationships with the client where senior members of the client engage with him/her as a trusted advisor. This implies that the Senior Technical Project Manager has a high level of influence on the client's technology choices, processes, strategy and/or domain

  • Has been proactive in building relationships with multiple people at the client at different levels from executives to technical staff • He/she has actively attempted to grow his/her account

Strong Team Player

  • Shows a co-operative spirit within the management team, and is able to identify overlapping areas where co-operation will be required for strategic initiatives

  • Demonstrates dependability to team-mates

  • Shows honesty in giving feedback within the team, with the goal of pushing the Company and the management team forward

  • Supports the initiatives of others properly

  • Is consistently able to hold their team, customer and management accountable for their commitments in a clear and professional manner that lifts the entire working environment and holds everyone to a high standard

  • Is supportive, empathetic, leads by example and is always present for the team during deployments, and other push-periods

  • Is seen as a champion of their team’s goals, Jembi’s values and is widely respected by the broader team as their customer

  • Is present and engaged with senior customers, pro-actively fostering relationships within the customers leadership team

Implementation Effectiveness

  • Knowledge of technical aspects of the role, and effective at day-to-day operations within the role

  • Stays on top of current day-to-day to-do list and completes tasks timeously. This incorporates work ethic

  • Seeks continuous improvement and makes an effort to develop skills appropriately ensuring good practices are followed

  • This individual’s strength is in planning and prioritisation, and the ability to take an initiative from idea to completion

  • Anticipates change, conveys clear priorities, and aligns efforts across functions; addresses barriers and takes action

  • Sets effective measures, KPI’s and definitions of success and implements them. Establishes appropriate reporting and control procedures, operating efficiently with regards to established budgets

  • Makes timely and practical decisions while demonstrating an understanding of the problems involved

  • Ensures that others have the resources, information, authority and support needed to achieve objectives

  • Takes independent action i.e. the individual manages time well, shows initiative and takes action independently within prescribed limits

  • Makes consistent progress on initiatives and delivers towards mandates, balancing the achievement of day-to-day requirements and the accomplishment of key initiatives

Jembi reserves the right to not appoint the position if it does not find a suitable candidate.

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All new Jembi positions are linked to specific project funding and include a three-month probationary period.

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