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Senior Developer


Jembi has a vacancy for an experienced and well-qualified Senior Developer to support its local and international digital health projects in the public health technology sector. The successful applicant will work with a vibrant business and technical team to deliver an effective health information system and integrated health architectures on several exciting digital and health information systems projects in South Africa and other African countries and also engage with a global set of stakeholders and international communities of practice.

The role of the Senior Developer is both leadership and technical expertise based – and will work with a team of developers on one or many Jembi projects. They should have a minimum of 5 years’ experience working with Java or JavaScript technologies in production enterprise environments along with relevant education for this role.

Required skills & experience
  • Experience as a senior software engineer, with the ability to mentor a development team

  • Excellent coding skills and solid understanding of web technologies and protocol

  • Experience as a lead software engineer would be a great addition

  • Front End development experience with javascript, HTML, CSS and relevant web platforms and libraries (such as React or Angular)

  • Use of Agile development practices

  • Expertise in both relational and noSQL database design and proficient in constructing database queries

  • Ability to take ownership of the software deliverables and work unsupervised by other senior developers

  • Responsibility for risk management of the overall software product

  • Having an in-depth understanding of health interoperability standards and patterns is highly     desirable and will be considered a major plus

  • Experts in their chosen technology stacks

  • Strong at problem solving, with a talent for quickly and effectively troubleshooting and debugging complex issues

  • Have the ability to learn and pickup new frameworks and technologies as required on their own accord with minimal assistance from others

  • Have a clear understanding that their primary responsibility is to deliver software that meets the needs and requirements of the users

  • Have a comprehensive understanding that extends beyond just programming, and have a talent for quickly gaining a deep knowledge of the business domain they support

  • Have the ability to assertively push back on a requirement, as they possess a deep understanding of the potential problems it may bring, and can effectively communicate these concerns to both technical and non-technical stakeholders

Additional Skills and Experience:

  • Experience in the public health sector

  • Previous work with Electronic Health Record systems

  • Is able to run a small project/sub-project (>4 month project) with minimal assistance, to an acceptable level of quality and within the timeframes that they are given

  • Is also able to give their Lead timeframes with regards to their own tasks

  • Is able to break down tasks/user stories into smaller tasks by themselves, and then able to translate these tasks to basic architectural/framework development patterns

  • Has the ability to look after at least two Software Developers whilst keeping their tasks on track too

  • Is able to apply QA principles to their own work i.e. shows an awareness of the quality requirements of their own work. A Senior Developer should not be an employee who consistently produces buggy code (in terms of logic, syntax, resource bugs)

  • Is able to assume client-facing responsibility, and convey professionalism to the client in respect to their appearance, communication, etiquette, attitude, punctuality and attention to      detail

  • Gives management and the client the confidence that they can handle any technical situation that they comes across

Beneficial skills & experience
The Senior Developer will contribute to the broader team by:
  • Helping to motivate the other members of the team

  • Contributing to the overall team identity and culture

  • Being aware of what teammates are doing, struggling with, and how to help them

  • Temporarily taking on additional responsibility to assist their Lead, Line Manager or fellow team members when required

  • Proactively finding ways to get involved and bring additional value

  • Occasionally, a Senior is expected to take  ownership of the delivery on a small stream or project, including:

  • Managing the expectations of fellow team members and the customer

  • Negotiating and influencing the decisions made around the requirements and scope

  • Taking all administrative responsibilities from the Lead regarding that deliverable

  • Lead meetings and project delivery ceremonies

  • Establishing a well-defined and well understood delivery approach

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Please note

All new Jembi positions are linked to specific project funding and include a three-month probationary period.

There is no guarantee the advertised position will be recruited as it will depend on funding being place and the candidates applying meeting the criteria required to fill this position. Preference will be given to SA citizens and permanent residents. Applicants with work visas must possess visas which will permit them to work for Jembi Health Systems.

In evaluating prospective applicants and making the final selection, consideration will be given to Jembi Health Systems Employment Equity objective.

Jembi Health Systems is committed to providing equal employment opportunity without regards to race, color, religion, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, national or ethnic origin, age, disability or status as a veteran with respect to policies, programs, or activities.

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