Research & Innovation

Executive Summary

Jembi Health Systems NPC holds as a core value the ideals of innovation and research to provide solutions to health systems challenges in developing countries.  Jembi is renowned for leading research and innovative projects with the aim of improving and providing more efficient health care.  Recent and prominent projects has been been the HEAL programme as well as innovative and impactful projects within the MOASIS program, such as the SIS-Compact StationmICD 10 (mobile application) and uData Capture Device.

Program Objectives

  • Research Innovative and impactful solutions for improving eHealth


Health Enterprise Architecture Laboratory (HEAL)

Health Enterprise Architecture Laboratory (HEAL) is a research group and unit at the School of Computer Science at the University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) in South Africa.

Mobile phone application (mICD-10)

The mICD-10 is an innovative project led by the MOASIS team, which is aimed at developing a mobile phone application for quick consultation in the ICD-10 database.

uData Capture Device

The uData Capture Device, is a low cost micro-data capture device which has been designed and developed specifically for data capturing in remote health facilities in Mozambique.

SIS-Compact Station

The SIS-Compact Station is an innovative project driven by the MOASIS team.