Jembi Health Systems is currently working on the following active programmes, organised by country programmes, innovation and research, and internal programmes. Jembi’s portfolio of programmes reflects its focus on strengthening health information systems in the public health domain:

Country Program

Mozambique (MOASIS)

Mozambican Open Architecture Standards and Information Systems (MOASIS) is a country program and Living Lab created with over 20 projects active. MOASIS is one of Jembi’s largest country programs and based in the capital city of Maputo, working within the country of Mozambique.


The Rwanda programme aims to improve healthcare services and health systems through the development and implementation of appropriate, custom-made health information systems (HIS) to address the needs of the Rwandan Ministry of Health. The Rwanda programme has mainly been focused on the Rwanda Health Enterprise Architecture project (RHEA).  RHEA develops enterprise architectural-based national HIS, and the […]


South Africa Program

The South Africa eHealth program forms the technical core of the organization, harnessing technical skills and innovative thinking towards eHealth solutions



The aim of the Zambia programme is the implementation of programs to support integration of Health Information Systems and HIV/AIDS/TB Treatment Services in the Republic of Zambia.  

Jembi Internal Programs


Organisational and Strategic Development

Jembi’s organisational and strategic development programme aims to strengthen Jembi as a whole and look towards the future, focusing particularly on addressing the strategic direction of the company as well as other organisation needs such as internal training needs, corporate branding and image, and communications.

Research & Innovation


Research & Innovation

Jembi Health Systems NPC holds as a core value the ideals of innovation and research to provide solutions to health systems challenges in developing countries.  Jembi is renowned for leading research and innovative projects with the aim of improving and providing more efficient health care.  Recent and prominent projects has been been the HEAL programme as well […]