Advanced Clinical Care Project

Executive Summary

The overarching aim of the Free State Advance Care Centre (ACCs) Project is to improve the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of care delivered to patients presenting with complex cases of HIV in three of the five health districts in the Free State (FS) Province. The project is being lead by Kheth’Impilo, with partners Jembi Health Systems (Jembi) and The Africa Centre, working to support the FS Provincial Department of Health (PDOH).

Jembi will be contributing to the ACCs Project by working with partners to strengthen the health information systems required to:

  • Strengthen up- and down- referral between health facilities and the ACCs ,
  • Manage patient data of patients seen by ACCs teams,
  • Store related health system and service data for monitor and evaluate the project.

Jembi’s approach is to work within current district and provincial health structures and strengthen existing systems for managing data before recommending the introduction of new or additional systems. Jembi will focus on implementing small incremental changes and use technologies and procedures that are approved by the PDOH. In all cases, Jembi will work closely with the other project partners as well as clinicians, infectious disease and public health specialists to validate the systems.

Jembi acts as subcontractor in response to Keth’Impilo’s Advance Clinical Care Project which aims to strengthen the capacity of the South African Department of Health by providing quality and sustainable clinical care to HIV-infected patients. The aim of this project is to establish and/or strengthen three regional centres for advanced clinical management of HIV/TB in adults and paediatric patients in the Free State province.