CRVS Digitisation Project Ghana

Executive Summary

Ghana’s CRVS system has struggled to achieve adequate levels of coverage and completeness, despite applying standard methods that have improved those measures in high income countries. A major barrier to improving the Ghana civil registry system is that it is entirely paper-based. Birth and death notification forms are delivered by service delivery points (SDPs) to District offices and then to Regional offices, where the forms are digitized for the first time using scanners. Interoperability of stakeholder databases is virtually non-existent and stakeholders share data only on an ad hoc and infrequent basis. If and when CRVS stakeholders elect to share data, this typically occurs via USB. In particular, COD data is never linked with CR death registration data or shared with the national statistics office. This means that COD data for the country is not publicly available, despite the fact that it is collected and entered in the health information system – DHIS2.

These gaps point to a real and strong need for planning, analyzing, designing and implementing digitized systems and automated processes for CRVS in Ghana – in conjunction with strategies to extend access to SDPs. The Data for Health Project, funded by Bloomberg Philanthropies is pledging support to design a CRVS service point strategy and an ICT strategy and develop a business case for implementation.  If and when implemented, these system could result in transformative improvements in the CRVS system based on their ability to extend registration coverage, standardize and streamline civil registration and vital statistics processes, integrate data from multiple systems and securely store data at scale, all in a cost-effective way.

Through this project, technical assistance will be provided to the Government of Ghana to define the information system requirements to support Civil Registration and Vital Statistics in the country at the national level.

Jembi will work with Plan International to develop the CRVS System Requirements, utilizing the CRVS Digitisation Guidebook (CRVS-DGB). This online guide ( was created by Plan International and Jembi Health Systems and provides step-by-step guidance for countries to plan, analyze, design and implement digitized systems and automated processes for CRVS.