Establishing a Reference African Health Information Exchange

Executive Summary

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has awarded UCT a grant for a Project titled “Establishing a Reference African Health Information Exchange” to develop an integrated health information system that improves health system performance and clinical care for patients with tuberculosis and/or human immunodeficiency virus infection.

This project will mature a set of technologies which will be openly available, aimed at harmonizing person-level health data to function as a standards-based health information exchange and disease cascade reporting system. The project will deliver a replicable and context-appropriate implementation of a health information exchange for clinical data working accross national and provincial health departments in South Africa, as well as successfull interoperability implementations for key contributing and subscribing systems critical to the HIV and TB response. The standards will be further extended to the national laboratory system to ensure that facility-based patient information systems for HIV and TB can potentially benefit from these developments in any part of South Africa. Cascade reporting from diagnosis through to treatment success will be developed to assist patient management at all levels of the health system. The scale up of a national health identifier and patient registration system will be supported as a key ingredient central to the success of the above activities.