Landscaping Analysis and Solution Design for mHealth in South Africa

Executive Summary

This project will result in actionable insights and strategies for the application of data for improved TB healthcare delivery and policy setting in South Africa. Ultimately, the most important function of the landscape assessment is to provide a clear, holistic set of analyses that thoroughly inform the Design and Implementation Planning of a mHealth Solution. As such, the assessment will cover a detailed investigation of the critical underpinnings of solution design in the South African context: customer needs, regulatory and policy environment, competitive situation, and opportunity for health impact and savings. This phase will also investigate the existing – and planned – mHealth and eHealth systems in the country for incorporation – in whole or in part – into the ultimate solution design in Phase II. Furthermore, the final landscape report will detail key gaps, barriers, and pathways forward in relation to the goals of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) and the Department of Health (DoH) of South Africa. While focusing on TB, the landscape assessment will also consider interoperability between MNCH, HIV, and other disease areas as a central enabler for scale and health-system efficiency. Therefore, the ecosystem-mapping component will focus on evaluation of current data flows and related systems. Phase I includes all activities to establish work streams, plan and conduct both primary and secondary research, and synthesize the findings in the context of the TB team and South African government goals. This phase will begin with detailed project planning and then incorporate desk-based research and primary interviews with key organizations and stakeholders. It will culminate with analysis of other aspects of the landscape, as described above, to inform fully the design of a successful mHealth solution. At each step of the process, Vital Wave will work closely with the BMGF, the DoH, and its stakeholders through regular check-in meetings, milestone presentations, working sessions, and facilitated workshops. Vital Wave deliverables for all components of a landscape analysis are primarily in the form of slides or written reports, including graphic-rich charts and tables that illustrate the various important conclusions across the dimensions of analysis. They include clear, actionable recommendations based on the synthesis of the analytical outcomes in the context of the client’s goals. Results will also be presented to all client stakeholders in an interactive, facilitated discussion that accelerates socialization of the results. This process will help both the DoH and the BMGF to quickly and effectively ask questions, provide further insights, and identify a “go-forward” plan for the solution.