MGCAS – Strengthen the M&E capacity of the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Affairs

Executive Summary

Building on its highly successful experience, to date, mainly within the Health sector in Mozambique, Jembi-MOASIS is expanding its support to other sectors, namely to the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Affairs (MGCAS), in order to build a more robust and reliable national Health Information System (HIS) able to provide quality indicators for Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) of the health sector in general.

The project supported by USAID aims to strengthen the capacity of the MGCAS in Monitoring and Evaluation at national and provincial levels, including, support to MGCAS in the standardization and harmonization of paper-based tracking tools, support to province-based Social Welfare staff to implement the tools and ensure effective data flow and decision making processes from community to district, to provincial and central levels and assistance to MGCAS in the implementation of a database that mirrors developed paper-based tracking systems.

The main aim is to conclude the development, distribution and roll-out of the paper-based (forms, register books and manuals) tools as well as the electronic strategic information system (DHIS2 database) in Mozambique, by extending the successful implementation done during the first Cooperative Agreement period to the remaining 4 Provincial Directorates and one Urban District each. Jembi will oversee the project and provide technical assistance in close collaboration with UEM through the M-OASIS Programme for Information Systems.