Executive Summary

Through the USAID-funded “Fighting Ebola Grand Challenge” project, IntraHealth is supporting implementation of mHero, a platform that enables real-time, targeted communication among health workers, ministry of health authorities, and other key stakeholders via mobile phone two-way SMS.  Implementation through the Grand Challenge award is limited to Liberia and Guinea.  However, several “global level” activities will be undertaken to strengthen the mHero platform for implementation in any country. These include supporting a robust website, the creation of a repository of workflows for a variety of health services, improved interoperability of other HIS and support for a virtual learning course for mHero implementers.

IntraHealth will engage Jembi Health Systems NPC (Jembi) to support several technical activities to strengthen the site’s functionality, interoperability and framework. These activities will support the platform to scale beyond the pilot in Liberia and enable much more robust platform to support health information systems where mHero is implemented.

One of the cornerstones of the USAID Fighting Ebola Grand Challenge award is partnership.  IntraHealth greatly values open communication and strong partnerships to ensure all stakeholders are working together and in alignment to support West African countries recover and rebuild from the Ebola outbreak. IntraHealth and Jembi have collaborated prior to the Grand Challenge in the initial development of the mHero platform.  Through this subaward and in support of the mHero activities, IntraHealth and Jembi. will continue their meaningful collaboration to support health workers and health systems.