Open Shared Health Record (OpenSHR)

Executive Summary

The OpenSHR project is part of the wider OpenHIE initiative, which is a global open source collaboration to strengthen national health information exchanges in low resource countries.  The Open Shared Health Record projects aims to enable the collection and storage of electronic health information about individual patients that is capable of being shared across different healthcare settings.

The main aim of the first phase of the SHR project was to carry out due diligence of the SHR strategy within the context of the wider OpenHIE project and to investigate technical and architectural alternatives for the SHR component.  During the current phase Jembi is continuing to lead the ongoing community effort which is now focused on refining and prototyping new designs for the SHR, incorporating international standards where appropriate.


Team Members / Partners

Project Objectives

  • design and develop a Shared Health Record for implementation in low resource settings