Open Health Information Mediator (OpenHIM)

Executive Summary

The Open Health Information Mediator is a middleware system that aims to enable easier interoperability between disparate Health Information Systems; essentially this piece of software allows difference systems to talk to each other and exchange information.

The OpenHIM project is part of the wider OpenHIE initiative, which is a global open source collaboration to strengthen national health information exchanges in low resource settings.

The main aim of the OpenHIM is to manage the orchestration of all transactions to other services and enable interoperability between all components within the Rwandan Health Information Exchange (HIE).  The OpenHIM further serves to provide a simple web service interface for the clients, the transformation and orchestration of messages, security and an error management console to view transactions

The technology used for the design and development of the OpenHIM are; Mule ESB, Java, Mysql and Python (cherryPy, Mako, twitter bootstrap), more details can be found on the project site ( and also on the project wiki (

Possible features for the OpenHIM in future could be extending the services supported to other clinical service domains, and to generalise the OpenHIM into a framework for reuse in other low resource setting countries.

Our vision is to build a community of implementers and developers that support this work so that we can ease the burden of implementing interoperability and help enable clinical information sharing between clinicians in real world projects.

IHE profiles have been incorporated into the OpenHIM which was successfully tested against international standards at the IHE 2013 Connectathon. Read more: press release

The OpenHIE team are attending the HIMMS13 Interoperability Showcase to demonstrate a maternal care use case using the OpenHIM.

Project Details:


All mailing lists and code hosting details are found on the website.

Team Members / Partners

Project Objectives

  • Build an open source community to support the OpenHIM
  • To review the OpenHIM Rwanda implementation as part of due diligence