Rwanda Health Information Exchange (RHIE)

Executive Summary

The RHIE project comprises of an international project team and is funded by the IDRC, Rockefeller Foundation, PEPFAR and the HIPPP initiative. The international project team has designed an enterprise architecture based solution at country level, and seeks to further strengthen eHealth and health information systems within Rwanda.

The first phase is focused on the maternal healthcare domain, and the main objectives are to:

  1. Complete an Implementation Science/Research Project to present the impact of a Health Information Exchange (HIE) on the maternal healthcare delivery system in Rwanda.
  2. Develop a pilot implementation of the Health Information Exchange (HIE) in Rwanda that is focused on the maternal health care system in Rwanda.
  3. Expand the understanding of HIE in Rwanda within the health delivery system and the technical community. The project includes identifying and defining high level architecture for the health domain in Rwanda, identification of appropriate standards, functional requirements and interoperability profiles across multiple business, and foundational domains.
  • Program: Rwanda
  • Time Frame: 01/04/2009 - Present

Team Members / Partners

Project Objectives

  • Develop a Health Enterprise Architecture Framework
  • Support eHealth program initiative driven by MoH