Information system for management of medicines and medical supplies (SI-MAM)

Executive Summary

SI-MAM is a health information system that was developed by John Snow Inc. (JSI) to assist MISAU in the supply-chain management of medicines and medical supplies from central warehouses to hospitals and clinics in Mozambique. As the use of antiretroviral medicines (ARVs) for antiretroviral therapy (ART), to treat and prevent HIV/AIDS, expands in Mozambique, so the development and implementation of a tool like SI-MAM becomes an increasing priority. MOASIS (Mozambican Open Architecture and Standards in Information Systems) has been tasked with supporting MISAU in the ongoing development and implementation of SI-MAM for future sustainability.


Team Members / Partners

Project Objectives

  • To describe and assess the functionality and technical specifications of SI-MAM
  • To describe and assess the use and application of SI-MAM
  • To propose recommendations for best practices in the functionality and uses of SI-MAM