Zainabe Dadá


M&E and Technical Project Coordinator

Zainabe joined our team in November 2016 as Assistant of the Health Information System (HIS) Specialist and Project Coordinator at Jembi Health Systems (Mozambique) / UEM-MOASIS. She is in charge for projects such as SARA and SI-M&A and is been collaborating very closely with the entire team.

Zainabe has a degree in Clinical Psychology and Counselling and a MA in Health Psychology, both by the Universidade Lusófona de Humanidades e Técnologias in Lisbon, Portugal.

Before joined Jembi she worked for over 9 years, during the life-time of the projects as a National Program Manager of HIV and Gender Based Violence Prevention programs for soldiers in collaboration with FADM (Mozambican Armed Forces), MoD and MoH under the funds of DoD/DHAPP/PEPFAR.