UEM-Moasis/Jembi Consolidates its Support for the Province of Zambézia


After four years of technical assistance, human resources and training support for the health information systems in use in the Zambézia Province, UEM-Moasis/Jembi consolidates the future of its partnership with the Zambezia Provincial Health Directorate for the development, implementation, training and support of health information systems, with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding.

Maputo, November 2017 – Over the last four years, UEM-Moasis/Jembi has provided technical support to

Meeting between the Provincial Health Directorate managers and UEM-Moasis/Jembi coordinators in Zambézia

Meeting between the Provincial Health Directorate managers and UEM-Moasis/Jembi coordinators in Zambézia

Zambézia Province in the following areas: 1) Support for all official health information systems (SIS-MA, SIS- SISH, SIS-RH and other SIS); 2) IT technician allocated and dedicated to the province and districts; 3) Support through senior technicians for M&E, facilities, training, maintenance and support; 4) Resources for visits to districts and hospitals; 5) Manuals and training materials; 6) Training in certification of mortality and causes of death, ICD-10 and other fields related to SIS; 7) SIS-COMPACT STATION and support for best practices in hardware and software for maintenance; 8) Support for data extraction, quality control and use; 9) Support for M&E reporting and tools and HMIS training. As a result of the technical support provided and the productive collaboration between UEM-Moasis/Jembi and the Provincial Directorate of Zambézia, the two entities formalized their work cooperation through the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding to continue in a fully integrated framework with the support to the SIS with a focus on greater collection, analysis, use, discussion and publication of statistical data for the health sector.

The direct support provided at the provincial level by UEM-Moasis/Jembi has been continuous over the past 3 years and has led to concrete results such as improved quality, quantity and use of data, as well as improved monitoring and evaluation capacity of programs, and national data analysis reports. All of the above results are documented through M&E reports as well as M&E system reports from the Ministry of Health.

Jembi / UEM-mOASIS currently has MoUs with the Ministry of Health at central level and in 5 provinces (Gaza, Maputo Province, Maputo City, Inhambane, and Zambézia) and has the means to provide technical support to the national health system in the field of information systems and statistics for the sector for the coming years.

“The HIS support projects were made possible through a partnership between Mozambique and the American people through PEPFAR – CDC funding.”

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