Where We Work

Jembi Health Systems NPC is excited to be a company with initiatives and teams spanning countries, and in some cases continents. Having started in South Africa Jembi is excited to find ourselves expanding our base into our programme countries.

Jembi runs and supports projects in various African countries, including South Africa, Mozambique, Rwanda and Zambia, via our satellite offices.   Meet the teams and understand the various locations we work in.

South Africa

Jembi Health System’s head office is in Tokai in Cape Town, South Africa.


The MOASIS team lead our involvement in Mozambique, being a key and primary contact with the Ministry of Health (MISAU) of Mozambique and is based in Maputo.


The Jembi Rwanda office is actively involved and developing towards leading our initiatives in Rwanda and is the key mobilisation point of our Rwanda programme. The Rwanda office is primarily engaged with the Ministry of health in the RHEA project and is expanding its working footprint.


The Jembi Zambia office is responsible for the implementation of programmes in Zambia.