Zimbabwe embraces international standards for a national Health Worker Registry!

HITRAC, IntraHealth International and Jembi facilitated a one week OpenHIE-coding academy in Zimbabwe

Cape Town, 9 July 2014 – A recent one week OpenHIE-coding academy was held in Zimbawe, led by HITRAC, IntraHealth International and Jembi Health Systems to support the Ministry of Health and Child Cares’s (MoHCC) deployment of a Health Worker Registry (HWR). The HWR is compatible with the international Care Services Discovery (CSD) standard and is being deployed together with an Interoperability Layer to ensure adherence to security and data governance guidelines set by the MoHCC.

Ryan and Health worker

Above: “Peer-programming” (L-R) Ryan (Jembi) and Fannuel one of the Health workers from Zimbabwe

The goal of the coding academy was to produce concrete results in the integration of various health workforce information systems in use in Zimbabwe.  Ryan Crichton (Jembi Lead Developer) facilitated and spoke to the role of the interoperability layer in the various integration scenarios and to help identify how data and access between systems should be protected and secured.   “We had a great week and were able to a get number of use cases from the participants, some of which are implementable with the current OpenHIM tool and other have been fed back into the design and implementation of the new OpenHIM tool,” says Ryan.

Topics covered included:

  • Integration of the MoHCC’s HRIS system with the HRIS systems at the various professional councils. For example, a user of the MoHCC HRIS system can query the HWR to get the current license and registration status for a health-worker. A user of the professional council HRIS systems can query the HWR to get the current duty station of a health worker
  • Integration of the HWR with i-Tech’s TrainSMART
  • Integration of the HWR with DHIS2 for reporting on aggregate number of health workers and as a source of public sector facilities
  • Discussion and documentation of various use-cases and workflows enabled by having a HWR

A joint initiative by HITRAC, Jembi, IntraHealth Int. and the OpenHIE community!

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Download PDF: Press release