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International Programme

Instant OpenHIE Project

Project Time Frame: 
January 2021 - Present

The Instant OpenHIE project is funded through an investment from Digital Square, with the aim to reduce the costs and skills required for software developers to rapidly deploy a reference OpenHIE architecture, by creating a deployable version of the OpenHIE architecture that is preconfigured to work together. The project provides a simple way for technical persons to set up a reference Health Information Exchange (HIE), supporting real-world use cases and allowing users to illustrate how interoperability can work to solve various health challenges.

Jembi   has partnered with IntraHealth International to work on Phase 1 and Phase 2  of the project. Phase 1 focused on a health workforce use case and the development of component packaging, scripting and containerisation to produce  a packaged version of the OpenHIE architecture, comprising a set of HIE  reference technologies and other appropriate tools. In Phase 2, Instant OpenHIE is being extended to include support for new use cases, workflows and  technologies. It will also include core architecture and packaging refinements, an updated user interface and test harness architecture, dedicated support for the Instant OpenHIE user community and improved user documentation.

Project Goals


Support for easy demonstrations of key workflows using a Health Information Exchange (HIE) based on the OpenHIE architecture


Reduced costs and skills required for software developers to deploy an OpenHIE architecture for quicker initial solution testing


Provide reproducible, version-controlled infrastructure for user-contributed tests of the OpenHIE Architecture profiles, workflows, and use cases

Project Categories


Project Funders
Products Used

Instant OpenHIE



Services Delivered

Business and System Analysis

Interoperability Design

Product Strengthening/Development

Software Development

Solution Architecture



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