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Recent Projects

Past Projects

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Country Health Information Systems and Data Use (CHISU) Project
Jembi is a core member of the Country Health Information Systems and Data Use (CHISU) project funded by USAID. CHISU is led by JSI (John Snow, Inc and JSI Research and Training Institute, Inc), with consortium partners RTI International, Vital Strategies, Macro- Eyes and the Global Evaluation and Monitoring Network for Health (GEMNet-Health).
Aug 2020 - July 2025
CDC Central Initiative Technical Assistance Platform (TAP)
Jembi is a prime awardee under the TAP programme and leads the Data Integration Strategies and Implementation (DISI) component. DISI aims to improve sustainable health information systems to improve patient care and programme monitoring, with an initial use case focusing on HIV case-based surveillance. The program is set up to provide shared resources, expertise and documentation across the PEPFAR community, along with capacity building initiatives and guidance on policies and governance.
Oct 2020 - Sep 2025
OpenHIM Strengthening
The increase in digital health in low and middle-income countries has resulted in increasing requirements for interoperability between these systems in order to improve system operation and strengthen data quality.
Dec 2021 - Dec 2023
OpenHIM COVID-19 Data Exchange
Jembi is proud to have completed work on the development of a prototype solution supporting COVID-19 data exchange using the OpenHIM and Instant OpenHIE to support COVID-19 case reporting and lab result submission using the HL7 FHIR standard. This work was funded by Digital Square, and completed in collaboration with the OpenHIE COVID-19 task force, with support from IntelliSOFT.
01 October 2020 - 30 June 2021
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Our Programmes

Jembi is currently working on the following active programmes. Jembi’s portfolio of programmes reflects its focus on strengthening health information systems in the public health domain:

South African Programmes

The technical core of our company. Harnessing the skills and innovative thinking honed in our research to design, develop and implement eHealth solutions.


Jembi is regarded as a leading specialist in health information systems in Africa because of this highly skilled team and our unique intersection of key competencies and local knowledge.

Mozambique Programmes

One of our largest programmes, the Mozambican Open Architecture Standards and Information Systems (MOASIS) has technical teams

in 7 provinces.

Since 2009, Jembi has been Mozambique's strategic partner in health, social welfare, and justice information systems.


Supports strategic national, regional initiatives and a wide range of activities with many international and local partners and funders in thirteen African countries. 


Working with CDC and USAID we adapt solutions to local needs while maintaining international standards, building local capacity, and strengthening health systems.

International Programmes

This programme has built a core team working on Interoperability and Health Information Exchange.


With deep skills in FHIR development and training, digital health needs assessment, co-creation, and requirements gathering, Agile System design and solution architecture.

Multi-Country Programmes

Develops and implements open-source digital health solutions that are customizable and configurable for use across multiple countries in Africa and beyond, including Indonesia.

We work with multiple funders, to focus on blood safety, HIV case-based surveillance, and universal health coverage. 

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