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South African Programme

National Department of Health App Store

Project Time Frame: 
November 2017 - September 2019

The NDoH App Store is a mHealth framework developed to support new and existing mobile applications by reducing mobile application fragmentation, assist in the enforcement of POPI and provide valuable insight into mobile application uptake, usage and impact.

Project Goals


To ensure that NDOH apps are integrated into the NDOH architecture and digital health platform to reduce mobile application fragmentation


To assist in the enforcement of POPI - Protection of Personal Information


Mobile App and device management

Mobile Management

The mobile management functions include SIM management, content management and mobile app management functions. 

This NDoH App Store also allows text messages being sent to users without data-enabled services, while ensuring NDoH oversight of the process. The framework has incorporated a reversed bill service with all South African mobile network operators to allow free download and browsing of apps by the end users.


Content Management

Enables the NDoH to establish guidelines and a framework for mobile app developers to ensure that their apps are integrated into the NDoH architecture and digital health platform.

App management

Creates an NDoH App Store to host and provide access to NDoH-certified mobile apps.  Which can be readily extended by adapting and integrating other apps that have already been deployed and are providing additional services such that they become integrated into the App Store platform and public health services. 

Additional benefits of the App Store

  • The mobile management functions will help NDoH realise the potential of mobile health 

  • Effectively manage known challenges

  • Supporting implementing apps at scale

  • Management of devices in the field

  • Reducing telecommunications costs

  • Improved interoperability between apps 

  • Increased integration of apps into the public health system.

Project Categories

Health Information Exchange (HIE)

Electronic Medicines List (EML)

Data Warehousing

HIV and Tuberculosis (TB)


Research & Innovation

Mobile Health (mHealth)

Medicines Information (MI)

Project Funders
Products Used

Public Health App Store



Services Delivered

Business Analysis

Monitoring & Evaluation

Policy & Advocacy

Product Strengthening/Development

Program/Project Management

Quality Assurance

Software Development

Solution Architecture

System Deployment

User Acceptance Testing

South Africa

South Africa



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