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Mozambique Programme

Point of Care System in Mozambique

Project Time Frame: 
April 2018 – September 2020

Jembi provided technical support in the development and pilot of a point of care EMR that in health facilities in Maputo, Mozambique. POC is an electronic medical record for patients in real time that captures information on HIV patients in care and treatment. The system was tested and proven to be a positive tool for the health facilities but was discontinued due to the high cost of infrastructure and maintenance.

Project Goals


Strengthen the care and monitoring of the health of the patients living with HIV


Improve the flow of care in the health units, and the management of the clinical processes of the patients, which are carried out manually at the health units level for the HIV care and treatment services


Improve the technological infrastructure and services of the health units, including electrical, network, IT and physical security infrastructure

The aim of the POC system is ultimately to improve the management of HIV patients and provide accurate data to the national health system. The implementation of POC in the health facilities does not only focus on the installation of the system and training for its use, but it also includes revamping and improving the physical, electrical and network infrastructure of the facilities where necessary to ensure that the system is fully functional and sustainable. Jembi field teams are also installing servers, workstations, barcode scanners, printers, routers and other apparatus dedicated to the system. 

Key results for the POC project include:

  • Technical Assessment of the first version of the system with recommendations on technologies and development methods for the new version. 

  • Requirements gathering completed for all modules of the system. 

  • Jembi organized requirements review workshops with end-users to validate the requirements for system development.

  • User Acceptance and Testing was carried out at the health facility for the modules of the system,  which consists of the registration, appointments, clinical and psychosocial support (APSS&PP), pharmacy, laboratory and reporting modules.  

  • Rapid Assessment conducted in 52 health facilities nationwide. 

  • In-depth readiness Assessment carried out in 28 health facilities. 

  • Infrastructure and technology architecture specifications defined with Ministry of Health. 

  • Recruitment of over 40 specialized staff for POC development and deployment. 

  • POC change management plan defined and agreed with the Ministry of Health. 

  • Installation of physical, electrical and network infrastructure in 14 health facilities. 

Project Categories

HIV and Tuberculosis (TB)

Electronic Medical/Health Records (EMR/EHR)

Project Funders
Products Used




Services Delivered

Business Analysis

Capacity Building

Change Management

Implementation Planning

Monitoring & Evaluation

Program/Project Management

Requirements Gathering

System Deployment


Training of Trainers

User Acceptance Testing





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