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International Programme

The African Health Information Exchange (AHIE)
- CDC Technical Assistance Programme Ethiopia

Project Time Frame: 
October 2020 - September 2025

The project focuses on three main areas which are Capacity Development, HIE Policy and Standards and the Client Registry component.

Project Goals


Provide technical assistance to CDC Ethiopia to build capacity in a range of areas and skillsets to support the successful delivery of health information systems projects.


To adapt and localise the Africa CDC's continental Policy and Standards for Health Information Exchange (HIE) for use in Ethiopia.


To perform a technical evaluation of CR/patient matching technologies and recommend an interim solution for the Client Registry component for HIV CBS data in Ethiopia.

Under the overarching CDC Technical Assistance Program, Jembi is providing T/A to the Ethiopia Federal Ministry of Health to support a number of health information systems (HIS) projects. 

Jembi provides training on project management, based on the CDC EPLC methodology, and health informatics training on a range of relevant topics, to participants from the FMOH, CDC Ethiopia and partner organisations.  

The Jembi team, including expert consultants, are analysing the Africa CDC's policy and standards for Health Information Exchange (HIE) to adapt and localise them for use in the Ethiopia context.  

The Client Registry project is aimed at supporting patient matching and deduplication of HIV data.

Project Categories

Health Information Exchange (HIE)

Project Funders
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Services Delivered

Capacity Building

Solution Architecture




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