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Global OpenMRS 2023: Jembi's Pioneering Role in Abuja

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

The 2023 Global OpenMRS implementers conference which took place in Abuja, Nigeria from 31st July to 05th August 2023, has been a valuable opportunity for networking and knowledge-sharing among tech developers, implementers, and other OpenMRS community stakeholders.

Jembi actively participated in the conference, learned firsthand about the latest developments in OpenMRS, engaged with technical leaders on opportunities for data integrations between OpenMRS and HIE, and shared Jembi's knowledge and experience on TAP products, implementations, success stories, and lessons learned.

Jembi also organized a hackathon activity to present its vision of how to integrate OpenMRS with JeMPI, which included whiteboard sessions and a presentation/demo of the current progress. Overall, the conference provided valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities facing OpenMRS developers and implementers worldwide.


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