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Data Integration

Orchestrating seamless healthcare data solutions

At Jembi, we're not just integrating data; we're weaving a network where information flows freely and securely.

In the complex field of healthcare, Data Integration serves as a crucial component for comprehensive healthcare solutions. At Jembi, we contribute by facilitating the smooth flow of data across various platforms and stakeholders. Our work goes beyond simply combining data; we aim to create an efficient, outcome-focused integrated data ecosystem.

Pioneering Projects

  • CDC Headquarters Technical Assistance Platform (TAP) Programme: Jembi is one of three prime awardees under this initiative by CDC, aimed at developing digital public goods and providing expert technical assistance in digital health. The program is in its third year and is funded by PEPFAR, with Jembi receiving funds for country buy-ins in Cameroon, Ethiopia, and Rwanda.

  • Country Health Information Systems and Data Use (CHISU): The CHISU project is funded by USAID and led by John Snow Inc (JSI) In partnership with a number of other prime subcontractors. As part of CHISU, we have strengthened health information systems in Indonesia, enhancing data quality and utility. We have also developed plans for Madagascar.

  • Technical Workshop in Kigali: This workshop aimed to support the Rwanda in-country team in reviewing the OpenHIM interoperability layer and enhancing data processing with Data Integration and Systems Integration (DISI) products.

  • GPHDI Country and Partner Convening: Our presentation at the Global Public Health Data Innovation (GPHDI) Country and Partner Convening in Washington DC focused on Data Standards, further emphasizing our commitment to seamless data integration across healthcare systems.

Technological Innovation

Our DISI Platform, a configuration of Jembi’s OpenHIM Platform, is not just about data collection. It's about making that data actionable for healthcare providers. This platform is part of a broader suite of tools that work synergistically to offer comprehensive healthcare solutions.

Key Impacts

  1. Streamlined data processing and management in multiple countries enhances data accuracy and accessibility.

  2. Developed a suite of interoperable tools that enhance healthcare delivery and patient engagement.

  3. Our work in Data Integration is an integral part of a larger vision to revolutionize healthcare.

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