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Digital Health

A Catalyst for Transformative Healthcare

At Jembi, we're not just working on digital health; we're shaping the future of healthcare through innovation and collaboration.

In the field of Digital Health, Jembi serves as a collaborative partner focused on healthcare improvement. Our work includes data collection and harmonization, as well as developing reliable systems for healthcare providers.

Pioneering Projects

  • Electronic Patient Tracking System (EPTS) and PEPFAR Systems Documentation Support: These initiatives in Mozambique have streamlined data collection and ensured that healthcare providers have reliable, up-to-date information.

  • BD Safety App: Developed in partnership with BD (previously, Becton Dickinson), this mobile application supports local health workers in understanding and implementing safety standards.

Research and Innovation

  • Central Data Repository (CDR) for HIV treatment in Ethiopia: This open-source system based on the FHIR standard collates data from 33 health facilities and aligns with Ethiopia's architectural guidelines.

  • Health Information Exchange Policy and Standards Guideline: This research involved localizing a pan-African guideline, validated through multiple rounds with the Ministry of Health in Ethiopia.

Partnerships and Collaborations

Through HIS Support to the MoH in Mozambique, we've provided direct technical assistance, including on-the-job training to ensure the sustainability of Health Information Systems (HIS) in the country.

Key Impacts

  1. Harmonized data collection across PEPFAR clinical partners, enhancing healthcare delivery.

  2. Provided technical support in the training of healthcare technicians, strengthening the national healthcare system.

  3. For over 12 years, we've supported the MoH in hardware and software maintenance, as well as health statistics reporting at the provincial and district levels.

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