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Health Information Systems

Pioneering Sustainable Solutions for Global Health

At Jembi, by developing Health Information Systems; we're connecting communities, healthcare providers, and policymakers for a revolutionized global health.

In the constantly changing field of global health, Jembi contributes to Digital Health through a range of projects. We offer direct technical assistance to Ministries of Health and develop solutions for issues like gender-based violence and HIV prevention.

Pioneering Projects

  • Mozambique Ministry of Health (MoH): Through on-the-job training and technical support, we've harmonized key documents and published monthly statistical bulletins.

  • Civil Registration and Vital Statistics (CRVS): We've implemented interoperability mechanisms and trained technicians, streamlining the registration of vital events.

  • COVID-19 Project under CARES Act: This initiative has been impactful for the development of a standard-based Health Information Exchange (HIE).

  • PEPFAR Initiative: Adapted health information systems to also support COVID-19 surveillance, data collection, analysis, and reporting.

  • University of Pretoria Collaboration: Developed and handed over version 4 of the Child Problem Identification Programme (CHPIP) application.

Partnerships and Collaborations

  • Palladium in the Data.FI Project: Developed dynamic dashboards for the MoH HIV Programme, expediting the achievement of PEPFAR targets.

Long-Term Impact

  • IT in the Provinces (ITP) Project: Operational for over 12 years, transitioned to the Provincial Health Directorate, a sign of its long-lasting impact and sustainability.

Key Impacts

  1. Harmonized and published key healthcare documents.

  2. Implemented interoperability mechanisms in CRVS.

  3. Developed a standard-based HIE through the CARES Act Project.

  4. Developed dynamic dashboards for MoH HIV Program.

  5. Developed and handed over version 4 of the CHPIP application.

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